The technical experience of our team and the professional standards we impose on ourselves allow us to provide excellent execution of the services we offer. We focus our activity solely on the photovoltaic sector, as we believe that this is one of the most efficient energy sources, and that specialisation is necessary in order to keep abreast of all the technological innovations and legislative developments related to the sector.


Our self-consumption solutions for manufacturing improves the competitiveness of the business, reducing its operating costs. Furthermore, the increasingly attractive amortisation of this type of investment makes photovoltaic installations a financially intelligent product, even for countries in northern Europe where they do not have the same hours of sunshine as we do.


We understand that our clients not only want a customised and energy efficient installation, but also care about its design and landscape impact. That is why when we carry out each project, we make this concern our own, both in relation to the distribution of the panels, as well as their design.


In recent years, the generation of energy through photovoltaic plants has made its way as one of the safest and most profitable investments of the present decade. This, coupled with the elimination of emissions and the proximity that can be achieved between energy generation and consumption, makes these projects one of the most important and efficient pillars of the energy transition.

Recharging points

In a context of strong growth in the market for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids, we believe it is important to offer our customers the possibility of installing charging points in their companies or homes.

Although it may seem an expensive installation, this is no longer the case today: given the latest technical developments and the high supply of materials, installing one or more charging points is already affordable for any person or company that uses a fully or partially electric vehicle.

On the other hand, if photovoltaic solar panels are also available, it is possible to transport the generated energy directly to the charging point. This way, the vehicle's batteries can be recharged much more economically and without having a negative impact on the environment.

We recycle

At Fotovol we understand sustainability as a complete and closed cycle, and therefore we take care of dismantling and recycling used panels at the end of their useful life. By doing this, we minimise our environmental footprint, promote the circular economy, and contribute to a more responsible use of resources.


Industrial self-consumption

Spinning industry

Sant Jaume de Llierca
1,2 MWp
Industrial self-consumption

Meat industry installation

240 kWp
Industrial self-consumption

Automotive industry installation

75 kWp
Residential installations

Installation for rural tourism

Cornellà del Terri
4,1 kWp
Residential installations

Residential installation with compensation

3,7 kWp
Industrial self-consumption

Milk farm installation

Sta. Coloma de Farners
110 kWp